Music & Workshops

We learn by singing. We learn by moving.

We learn by eating together. And breathing.

We learn by walking. We learn by gathering.

We learn by sharing. We learn by listening...


All concerts included in Full Event & After-Hours passes.

Individual event tickets available at the door.

Thursday June 7th @ 7:30pm

Harry Gerardo Castillo Manuz 

Friday June 8th @ 9pm

Campbell Woods


Saturday June 9th @ 8pm

Shakura S'Aida & EvenSong


Saturday June 10th @ 9am

Jane Clapp

The Brain and Body Benefits of Music, Movement and Faith

Jane Clapp will walk you through the impact music, rhythm and faith has on soothing our autonomic nervous systems and bringing us closer to being connected with one another.  As a trauma recovery coach, her expertise is in helping people access and embody the resources they have around them to heal the impact traumatic or toxic stress has on our neurobiology.

Saturday June 10th @ 11:30am

Tom Reynolds 

Music & Meditation

A meditative moment to experience how music, specifically jazz, serves as a model for connection, resilience, depth, wonderment and openness.


Plenary 1: Friday June 8th @ 3pm

How 'Like Jazz'?

with EvenSong

Opening the conference with an experiential look at how blues/jazz has contributed to the way we gather, listen, connect and express ourselves spiritually and communally.

Plenary 2: Saturday June 9th @ 4pm

Songwriters Circle

with Campbell Woods, Gilllian Nicola and more...

A time to listen and explore the importance of language and melody.

Learning Lab 1 (Friday & Saturday)

Expressive Liturgy

with Leah Cogan

Exploring how voice, movement and collaborative leadership leads to a greater sense of connectivity and communal buy-in.

Learning Lab 2 (Friday & Saturday)

Improvisational Liturgy

with Dr. James McGowan

Exploring the fundamentals of improvisation, and how they can positively impact liturgical flow.

Learning Lab 3 (Friday & Saturday)

Adaptive Liturgy 

with Rev. Peter Woods

Exploring new avenues for 'parish' development through musical outreach, language sensitivity, non-verbal/embodied teaching, and more.

Saturday June 9th @ 2pm

Musician Break-Out Sessions

A small group, interactive time with our musicians to hear their stories and invite them to teach on topics near to their hearts; whether it be about Gospel Music, Inclusive Language, Storytelling, Hymns, or Healing through Music.

Community Gatherings


When not snacking at CSU, we encourage participants to commune together at the many neighboring cafes and restaurants who are showing their support by offering attendees a discount. Building community beyond the conference!

B & H Jazz Jam

Friday June 8th @ 7:30pm

A raucous time of nostalgia, local brew and musical jamming.

Songs in the Park

Sunday June 10th @ 9am

An alternate 'church' gathering with songs, poems and grass-sitting.

Sunday Service

Sunday June 10th @ 10:30am

Joining with the community at College Street United to put into practice what we learned, with wrap-up and social time to follow.